Happy Birthday Passport Published!

Last year on October 20th, 2016 I decided to do something I should have started back when I was 16 years old. When talking to Jonathan about our upcoming trip to China I thought, why don’t I start a travel blog? Why not create a place where I could combine my love for writing an traveling and then share it with everyone?

“What was I waiting for?” Jonathan asked me. I had already traveled enough where I had things I could start writing about: my first ever study abroad semester in Spain, my spring break trip to Morocco, heck – I could even put my first ever trip out of the country (when I was 16) to Mexico! Suddenly the possibilities seemed endless. I could write about where I had been and where I wanted to go. And all of my friends and family could hopefully learn about my travels, too.

So with the last bit of money I had saved up from my last year at college before adulthood, I bought the domain name http://www.passportpublished.com. It wasn’t easy coming up with the name. I remember writing a list on an old sheet of paper and running through the names with Jonathan. He wanted to name our blog something weird like Atlas Winds, but I wasn’t feeling it. I got advice from a good friend from University, who has an entertainment/movie review blog called Wilhelm Screeners and is much more creative than me.

Eventually, it came down to what inspired me and that was passports. With every stamp of the passport marks not only where we’ve been, but also the memories we’ve made. That stamp symbolizes more than just an entry or an exit into a place, but the stories you’ve written while on the road. It symbolizes all the packing, crazy flights, sketchy hostels, amazing food, and interesting people you’ve met while there. These are the stories I’d hoped to be able to tell when I started this blog. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

A year later and we’ve seen some spectacular places and told some pretty crazy stories. What I’ve done now isn’t a fraction of all I have planned to do! Before we continue another adventurous year, I want to reflect on some of my favorite photos I’ve taken and shared from the past year with Passport Published.dsc_1728My first trip to Asia was to China and I know that no matter how old I get or how bad my memory fades I will never forget climbing the Great Wall of China. To think about vast this structure is and the manpower it must have taken to build this is mind-blowing, and climbing it will be one of my favorite stories.

img_2538No one has really captured how amazing the city of Shang Hai is. It is as if it is from another, more futuristic time, where all architecture and technology surpass our imagination.

Giant BuddhaJapan’s Giant Buddha statue just an hour outside of Tokyo was a day trip I’ll never regret taking. Where Tokyo is a bustling hive full of things to do and discover, Kamakura is its polar opposite. The quaint beach town is a beautiful trip and a historic place.

The White TempleThailand is a country of temples. The White Temple in Chiang Rai is one of the most beautiful of them all. Truly a work of art, Wat Rong Khun is in norther Thailand, but should not be missed.

Medium TigerThe Tiger Kingdom in Chang Mai, Thailand, is a big cat lovers dream. You’ll be able to see baby lions and tigers while you eat lunch in the cafe. Be careful though, big cats are known to spray their urine if they feel threatened… just ask me, I would know!

South Reflection PoolRated 2017’s top travel destination, Angkor Wat is as awesome as they make it out to be. Try to visit before monsoon season starts, that way you can see a true sunrise over the temple before you start exploring the grounds.

img_6570Finally, Morocco was a trip I took before I created this blog, but it was on my travels that the idea really came to mind. This camel photo has been the page’s avatar since creating and holds a special place in my heart!

Thanks to everyone for liking and following the page and reading all our stories… or else I guess I’d just be talking to myself! Thank you for all of the support and stay tuned for our next trip! We’re going somewhere where Vikings once roamed…


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