How to get a Cambodian Visa

The Kingdom of Cambodia has many wonders, including the 7th wonder of the world Angkor Wat. Before you buy those tickets just yet, you’ll need to get a visa. While you could wait until you arrive at Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport, I always feel less anxious when I’m prepared before I arrive!

South Reflection Pool

The tourist Visa is valid for 3 months in Cambodia with up to a 30-day stay and you will need a visa for arrival and departure. It costs $30 USD plus a $6 USD processing fee. All that’s required (besides the fee) is a valid passport and a recent passport photo in digital format (jpg or png). Click here to head to apply! Read below to find out how to get an eVisa:

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1. Create an Account/ Fill out application

In order to begin your application for a visa, you’ll first need to create an account. This account will be all you need for all future visa needs. Begin by filling out a captcha to ensure your connection is secure and you’re not a robot.

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Next, you’ll continue to the application process. Begin with your personal information like your birthday an address. This is also where you’ll add your digital photo. Unlike other visa applications, this photo can be taken on your cell phone’s camera. Next, enter your passport details like passport number and date of issue and expiration. Finally, list your travel details. Which port you are arriving into, what day you arrive, and when you leave.

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2. Confirm and pay

Before moving on to payment, review all your information is correct! Double check your name is spelled correctly and your passport number is correct. Using your Visa or MasterCard, enter your card number, expiration date, and billing info. Receive approval letter in three days. Remember: eVisa is non-refundable!


3. Download visa

When your visa is approved and your payment processed, you will get an email with your visa inside. Download it onto your desk top to save you Cambodia Visa. Before your arrival, be sure to print it (can be in color or black and white). There will be two forms, the arrival and departure visa. Be sure not to lose either of them! Depending on your port of entry you will go to a certain counter. For Siem Reap  Airport go to any counters 02-08. For Phnom Penh Airport go to counters 03-09.



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