Tokyo Tower

To really get a bird’s eye view of Tokyo, you’ll want to head to Tokyo Tower. When we visited we took the Oedo line to Akabanebashi Station and walked up Inner Circular Route till we could see the tower.


The tower as seen from the Inner Circular Route.


The design of the tower was inspired by Paris’ Eiffel Tower, and it’s not hard to see why. It has the same lattice pattern and four legs similar to its Parisian counterpart. Painted in bright orange and white to comply with air safety regulations, it’s not tough to see even several miles away on a clear day.


When we visited Tokyo Tower, it was my birthday and it was an amazing time. Upon arrival, I showed them my drivers license and they gave me a birthday card! Inside the envelope was a birthday card, a special holographic bookmark of Tokyo Tower (it shifted from a daytime picture of Tokyo Tower to a night time photo of Tokyo Tower with all the lights) and a free dessert at one of the restaurants on the observatory deck.


My birthday at Tokyo Tower
My birthday card from the Tokyo Tower staff!


When you walk in, there are elevators that lead you to the observation decks. The Main Observatory, at 490 ft. in the sky, was two story and contain a couple of restaurants and an area where the staff will take your photo with a couple of props from the gift store.

The tower acts as a support for the antenna atop. While it was supposed to be used to broadcast television, radio antennas were added in 1961 and now serves the stations NHK, TBS and Fuji.


Chocolate cake from a cafe on the main deck.


At a restaurant in the Main Observatory, I picked a chocolate treat to eat for my special birthday treat and ate it in the cafe area that looked out over the city. Also in the Main Observatory are viewing windows on the floor where you can look down from 490 feet!

View from Toyko Tower
View from Tokyo Tower


When I visited Tokyo Tower, it was my second day in Japan and I felt like being in the Main Observation deck helped me orient myself to see where I had been around town and where we still had planned to go. Since we traveled mostly by subway, it often felt like when we came up from the stations we were in whole different cities due to how different and diverse the city is.

Tokyo Bay from the Main Observation deck. 

From the Main Observatory, you get a panoramic view of all of Tokyo. Directional markers on the walls tell you which cardinal direction you are facing (N, S, E, or W) and which major landmark in Tokyo is there.

Mt. Fuji in the distance, shot at dusk.

I recommend going there before sunset, that way you can capture the last light falling on Tokyo and see the nightlife flourish once it’s gone. Once you’re ready you can head down to the town to one of the many bars nearby and continue your magical night!

Rush Hour
Rush Hour

Tokyo Tower is a must see destination if you are visiting Tokyo. With a little bit of everything inside, it’s great for families and backpackers alike.


Tokyo Tower at Night
A nighttime view of Tokyo Tower from below.



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