Shibuya Crossing

While we might feel uncomfortable crossing busy intersections such as Times Square in New York City, at Shibuya Crossing, it’s just another day of commuting.

Shinjuku Crossing

Just outside of the Hachikō exit of Shibuya Station, five roads combine into one allowing pedestrians to cross in any and all directions.

After taking our photos with Hachikō, Japan’s most loyal dog, the crosswalk is crowded with people waiting for the signal to walk.

Waiting to cross

On the Hachikō Exit side of the Crossing, there were easily 100 people grouped up. If you are traveling in a group, make sure to keep an eye on your group leader so you don’t get lost. When I was walking around to snap some photos I almost lost my party. Luckily, my boyfriend was right behind me to check out what I was looking for.

Five in one

When the signal finally changed, the crossing erupted with movement. Because pedestrians can travel in any directions, you’ll feel yourself ebb and flow with the crowd.

Crossing Shibuya

Traffic in Japan moves in the opposite direction than in the United States, so be careful when you cross the road! Be sure to look right and then left when at an intersection!



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