Bucket List: Havana, Cuba


Despite Cuba’s somewhat rocky relationship with the United States, the capital city Havana is the largest city and port in the whole country. The city was founded by the Spanish when King Phillip II bestowed the name La Habana in 1592. Old Havana has been a Unesco World Heritage site since 1982.


Historic Havana Vieja

The old city is perfectly preserved blocks of glorious buildings and palaces amongst a bustling downtown scene, which is still rising up from its economic crisis of the 90’s. Like most latin towns, the plaza is often the center of a community. Plaza Vieja, originally Plaza Nueva, is a colorful and awe-instilling square surrounded by cafes and bars often full by evening.



This oceanfront strip is 7km long and is the rendezvous point for many influential artists, historical figures, theorists, and lovers. What started out as an oceanside boulevard in the 1900’s has now evolved into a busy six-lane highway. Here you can find vintage Chevrolets and Buicks cruising up and down the avenue. Often referred to as “the world’s longest sofa,” is a hangout spot for locals and tourists alike.


Museo de la Revolución

Want to learn more about Cuba’s History and the revolution? At Museo de la Revolución, start at the top floor and make your way down as you learn the events leading up to, during and after the Cuban revolution told in both English and Spanish. Be sure to head to the second floor to check out the Despacho Presidencial, the office where Fidel Castro was sworn in in 1959.


No matter if you visit Cuba for its history, food, or people there’s plenty to do in the capital city Havana!


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