Oh, the places we’ll go!

Next month Jonathan, his family and I will all be traveling to Tokyo, Japan! We’re also stopping by Thailand and Cambodia, too.

Living in Hawaii for years, I went to school and worked with many people who were from Japan or who were of Japanese decent, and I’ve always heard amazing things about it. From the nightlife to the history to the amazing scenery, I’m stoked to see and learn all I can about the country.

Jonathan has been talking about visiting Thailand for a while now, so he’s pretty excited to visit too. He’s sent me video after video on Facebook of all the awesome sights the country has. He especially wants to visit Monkey Beach


We are very excited to travel again, as it’s been a few months since we’ve returned from our last trip to China. If you haven’t read any of my posts from China, check them out!

We are starting our trip in Tokyo, where we plan on visiting Senso-Ji, Meiji-Jingu, and the infamous Shibuya crossing (amongst other things). We’ll be in Japan for three days, so if we’re friends and you’ll be in Tokyo, let me know!

From Tokyo, we’re heading to Bangkok, Thailand. In Bangkok, we have plenty of places on our list to visit! We’re planning on seeing the Floating Market, Grand Palace and Wat Po and more!

If you live in Japan, Thailand or Cambodia or will be visiting while we’re there (May 21-June 04, let us know! Or if you’ve visited any of these places and have advice, comment below and help a sister out!


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