A small accomplishment

Last year when I started my travel blog, Passport Published, I wasn’t thinking about any big time awards or certifications. I only knew I loved to travel and write, and with the big trip to China coming up I thought why not start. I thought to myself, family and friends are always asking me about my trips… why not write it down so they can hear about it and maybe even learn something.

If you are unfamiliar with Lonely Planet, the company started as a couple with a beat-up old car, a couple of dollars and a sense of adventure. Now they are the worlds most successful travel publisher with over 120 million travel guides in 11 different languages.

While scrolling along the Lonely Planet website looking for job openings, I noticed a program called Pathfinders people who are  Travel bloggers, Travel Instagrammers, Travel YouTubers/Videographers, Travel photographers. I immediately applied. I know my blog is small but I thought it had a chance.

The Pathfinders program works in stages. As you progress, you’ll have new opportunities to work with Lonely Planet, provide compelling content for your followers, and grow your audience. I might not be able to work for Lonely Planet, but working with such a big site like that would get a lot of attention to my blog.

Today I got an email from Lonely Planet saying my blog had been selected! I made it to stage one: Community Pathfinder. I now have access to a private forum where Lonely Planet will post opportunities to create content for Lonely Planet on a freelance basis. The tasks range from writing articles to playing a part in campaigns, doing takeovers and clusters of activity for Lonely Planet on our social channels (or my own), and documenting and sharing their trips.

I even got this cool badge!


I’ve attached it to my blog so everyone can see! I can’t wait to see what opportunities I’ll have in 2017 being a part of Lonely Planet’s Pathfinders Community!


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