Day seven: Disneyland Shanghai

Disneyland Shanghai is the newest park added just this year in July, 2016. At our time of visit in November, the park was still new and clean. We got there by metro, which was extended to assist getting tourists to and from the park.


It has been almost 10 years since I was last at a Disney World (the only Disney Park I’ve been to) and I think I was even more excited to go now than when I was younger… maybe. I was eager to see characters and ride rides and woke up well before the alarm.


We got to the park, got tickets and a map and planned out the day. The park is smaller than Disney World, and we were confident we could see and do everything in the one day we had there.


Like the other parks, Disney Land Shanghai has certain rides with fast pass (where you get a ticket with a time stamp, informing you when to come back). We decided to grab fast passes for all the popular rides.


Being around the holidays, the park was decorated with beautiful Christmas trees, wreaths and ribbons… just as I remembered it being as a child. One thing I noticed is that there weren’t as many characters out an about. Another thing: all the ride’s songs and voices are in Chinese! At first it threw me off, but then I got used to it. Plus, I watch Disney movies so often I knew the words anyway!

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We head to Treasure Cove first. There they have an awesome Pirates of the Caribbean ride called Battle for the Sunken Treasure, where go on a high seas adventure in search of Davy Jones’ treasure.  Just outside is a pirate ship you can get on and interact with.

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Next we headed to Fantasy Land where I ate a Mickey-shaped pretzel!!


In Fantasy Land I met my first character, Winnie the Pooh! Growing up my mom told me I loved Winnie (and almost named me after him) and told me how I used to cry when I saw the heffalumps and woozles.


The next ride we went on was the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train. We waited for an hour to ride this one as it didn’t have fast pass. The ride takes you on a journey to the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine “Where a Million Diamonds Shine.” If you want to sing, “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go…” all day, then this ride is for you.

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Another must see element of the park is the Garden of the Twelve Friends. There, the garden is lined with characters in the twelve signs and guests can take their picture with the corresponding character.

Since I was born in 1994, I was born in the year of the dog.

We stayed at the park till the final fireworks show at dark. My last memories of the fireworks show at Disney World are a little foggy, but the show at Disneyland Shanghai should not be missed. In true Disney fashion, they dim all the lights in the main square to enhance the viewing ambiance.


The final show combines pyrotechnics and visuals to create a stunning final show in the park. Without giving too much away, expect to sing plenty of your favorite disney classics .


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