Day one: The Great Wall of China

We woke up bright and early this morning and prepared for a long day. After hours of flying yesterday, we were excited to get out and stretch our legs. And what better place to do that than The Great Wall.

The entire wall, including all its branches measures 13,171 miles.

From where we are staying in Beijing, near Tiananmen Square, we took the purple,blue and yellow subway lines to a train station. At the train station we discovered that there were only three (3!) trains from there that departed to The Great Wall. We arrived at 9:30 a.m., and the next train didn’t leave until 11.

In the area, there were men offering taxi services to people who didn’t want to wait two hours. We were some of those people. We negotiated a price ($9 per person) to get us to The Great Wall and back.

In the taxi van, we met a Chinese family that had a boy from Ireland who was living with them so he could learn the Chinese language. They graciously invited us to climb the wall with them in order to help us make it back to our taxi on time.

We arrived at the Badaling section of the Great Wall at 11:30 a.m. Badaling roughly translates to eight mountains, and is easy to tell why as that section has eight garrisons situated over the eight mountains.

At the entrance of the wall, there is the option to see the south side or the north side. The north side offers more breath taking views, so we chose this route. For this reason, this side was packed with people. Young and old, no one was going to miss out on the breathtaking views.


Jonathan and I had so much fun checking out the garrisons atop each mountain, and were surprised by how windy it was. We pulled out jackets tighter around us when we passed through them, as it could be a bit intense. Inside, there are lookouts on either side that offer stunning views of the wall and the surrounding landscape. I was in awe of how such a creation could be built by humans.

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At three, we started our journey back to Beijing’s inner city. Our taxi driver tried to convince Jonathan to trade him his sunglasses for the ones he had (wasn’t gonna happen), and we had a good rest before making our way home on the subway.

When we arrived home, we were hungry so we took a walk to find food nearby. Close to our AirBnB is the first ever KFC in China, so I had to take a picture. Don’t worry, we didn’t eat there. We went to a restaurant next to it and ate delicious pork dumplings.


2 thoughts on “Day one: The Great Wall of China

  1. Nice reading about the Great Wall and how to get there. I was in Beijing in July and it rained the entire day, it was so dangerous to go. I hope to go back next year July and this time, I will.
    Enjoy your travels.

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